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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt? 
    11 years 
  2. What does your username mean? 
    It's a combination of my first and last name with a slight error. 
    Actually for deviantart I tried to create a new username, so I thought I try a combination. 
    My first name is Chris and my last name is Wouters, so that would be chrwou, but I wrote chiwou and thought "hey, that's sounds cool" 
    After I entered a submitted the form with the username, I thought "damn, my name isn't Chis" :-D, but it was already too late.
  3. Describe yourself in three words. 
    hairy, arrogant and a wise guy
  4. Are you left or right handed?
    right handed
  5. What was your first deviation?
    A photo manip of a photo I found online, not cool, didn't credit the photographer, removed a long time ago :-P
  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    Digital painting, I'm not good at it, but I like it :-)
    And GUI mockups
  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Traditional painting
  8. What was your first favourite?
    Alpha and Omega 3 by shirosynth

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Digital painting/drawings and erotic portraits 
  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    imrik got me into themes and skins
  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    for a long time photoshop, but now its sketch on mac
  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    on a train 
  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    have to pass

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I got into quite a problem when I tried to change the dock icon for the calendar, since it displays also the actual date, and that overlays 
also on every icon. 
So after you replaced the necessary icns in the app also delete the 
folder and put the app back to the dock, you'll notice the date overlay is gone. 
After you start the app the overlay is back, but only for a few seconds. Don't know why, but it works, the only problem is, the activity indicator just shows for a brief moment. Don't worry the app stays open, but the dock doesn't show an activity indicator.</span>

If you can live with that, go ahead :D
But don't forget to make a backup. And don't blame me if you didn't make one :P, but if necessary you can ask me for a copy ;)


today it didn't work anymore, as long the app is closed the overlay won't show, but when it's open the overlay is back. Yesterday it worked :?
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Hi, just installed Win8.1 on a virtual PC and took it for a test drive...
OMG is that a bad OS, I mean it's really bad, it's not intuitive, the touch based start screen is confusing, searched for 10 min to get back to the default screen :D
and it's not pretty, I think it's a step backwards in comparison to Win7.
And the usability is non existing, from the browsing in the explorer or to find settings to change options. And I hope that Microsoft won't make the mistake to use this for the whole future of Windows. They should use their manpower to improve the kernel and file system and not some stupid tablet mode I don't need on my desktop PC.
Mmmh, I'm glad I switched to Linux on my Notebook, but until Adobe PS, AI (or an alternative) and the gaming industry won't recognized Linux as a real alternative to Windows, I keep my Win7 on the desktop PC :P
At least more and more Games are being ported to Linux or MacOSX, but Gimp or Inkscape are no real alternatives, and Sketch seems like a great app, but is only available on Macs.

So until the release of Win9 I stick with Win7 a little longer, just like I did with XP :D never really tried Vista

Bye and take care
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Heya folks,

as you can see I didn't submit or commented for a while, the lack of activity is the result from a depression, I currently suffer.
It's been almost two years and now I'm getting treatment and hope I get the energy and motivation to create some new stuff.

ATM I'm not very happy with the new OS's, the customization gets more difficult, even the usability is back to the early 80's. Currently I make myself familiar with Linux, especially Arch and I love it, it's fast, but very complex :D And I hope Adobe etc. finally see, what a huge market they would fill with versions for Linux, a lot of people switch to Ubuntu etc, it's easy to set up and even easier to use.

That's why I want to concentrate on Android and Linux, the possibilities are endless and I've a lot of fun with my smartphone and laptop ;)

Take care
and have a nice weekend
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ohhhh my god, all I see are ponies, with cute eyes and in all colours of a rainbow,
going mad here, maybe it was the LSD I took as a teenager... mmh :crazy:

please help me
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Heya folks,

I don't know about you, but I was always sick of the default windows font rendering, that's why I used GDI++ with Windows XP and GDIpp with Win7, until a few months ago GDIpp worked great, but then there where a lot of compatibility issues (Google Chrome/Firefox).
Now I found this… on a chinese board… (yeah yeah yeah, at least with google translate I could read something :D)
Works awesome and you can switch language, still a pretty shitty translation, but great tools to create configs and it runs as a service.

Check it out

PS: added a screenshot…

there is a new google code site available with a new installer

PSS: the update fixed some issues with chrome/firefox
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Just watched AHS and loved it. But I think it gets canceled with the next season, too graphic and kinky :D

Take care

PS: Still hoping for Dribbble invitation ;)
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Hi there!

Has anyone a Dribbble invitation for me?
If yes, please leave a note.

What's new? Absolutely nothing...
Wait, found a two year old cookie...

YEAH you thought I would taste it, right? :cookie:
well I did, was still good :giggle:

Take care and Ladies, always shave the back of your knee
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most of the time, I listen to Metal/Hard Rock

but I've a fable for the 80s and at work I can't listen to Metal, my colleagues would kill me ;) so I listen 80s music (thanks to and most of the time I know the songs, but I couldn't name them, but today I even started to dance :giggle: and since it's not a very complex song, it was easy to find.
And a few minutes ago I googled for "Maria Magdalena" and now I've a huge queue of songs, gotta love YouTube =)

A journey through the Internet
Take care and don't forget the matching poll

PS: and that's why "Vice City" is the best GTA ever ;p
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Normally I don't do something like this, most people delete "their" stuff, if someone "point out" that its stolen or ripped off, but this guy is... is... well I can't find the right words

this is the deviation by landscapepic
You can actually see the original signature on the pic

and this was his note:
hi! can you give me the link to the "original tree"?i will delete if i found it similar to my version.

My response was (well yeah a little rude):
F*CK are you for real

"your version" is the one from the Desktopography exhibition 3 by pete-aeiko and the original is from detail24

people like you really piss me off
you can actually see the signature on "your version"

bold and stupid, great combination

So spread the love ;)
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...tested the new CS5 trial and its great, it's fast (much faster than my CS3) and has a lot of new options (especially the new drawing and painting options are great), loving it...
...laid my hands on a few old Queen Millennia videos, I really like this old anime...
...and got myself a new PC, everyone want to know the specs? maybe I should make something like this :D
BFG extremeSLI by EnzuDes1gn

And how you doin'?
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Hallo Leute,

wollte mein Wacom Intuos 3 A4 (Large) Special Edition verkaufen, hab vor mir demnächst ein neues Intuos 4 zu zulegen.
Das Intuos 3 hat mir immer gute Dienste geleistet, aber ich mag die neuen Funktion am Tablett die Arbeitsfläche zu drehen, da man ja schlecht das Tablet drehen kann ;)

Das ist mit dabei:
1 x Wacom Intuos 3 A4 SE (Special Edition ist komplett schwarz und hat den Airbrush pen)
1 x Pen + mines
1 x Airbrush pen
1 x Rechnung (für Restgarantie, gekauft im Nov. 2008)

ich dachte dabei an 320€, und dann per Paypal.

Bei Interesse einfach melden
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All I've are half finished skins for foobar, Windows, CAD and some Icons.

I don't know, maybe it's the season or something, but I don't get started on my themes and/or drawings. All I wanna do is sleeping, listen to music and watching movies, not really productive and then I eat a lot of crap too ;)
Luckily I've to get up at 6 and walk to work :D but its actually pretty nice, I can make snowballs and throw them on houses/windows :evillaugh:

Soooo, I guess Winter isn't that bad at all :P

Take care
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Just watched some cool music videos

MC Hammer - U can't touch this
Snap - The Power

when I found this cool remix, I am not a fan of electronic music, more of a metal-head myself, but this is very cool, nice beat
Check it out:…

take care
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Yesterday I watched the season final of Dexter, and I am not amused :( its not what I hoped for. I don't want to spoil anything, but that is a very sad ending and so lame, the authors wrote exactly the most predictable ending.
I never read the books or any articles, but I hope they have/had a better story and please, next time (if I watch it :P, get a better story and don't repeat the same shit over and over again...

Wish you all a very nice day and please have some cookies :cookie:
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Hello there,

I just bought my first MP3 Album from the Amazon shop, normally I buy a CD and rip it to my HDD (mostly lossless ;), but the Soundtrack I bought wasn't available on CD.
By the way the soundtrack I am talking about is from the Movie Ink
It was a great movie with amazing music. So I thought, go and buy the CD, but then I read that the movie wasn't that successful and they never pressed the soundtrack on CD.
But I think this was a unique experience. Why? It's damn expensive, I just paid 9 bucks for a bunch of mp3 files, no case, no cover, still a good rip with a good bitrate, but not compared to FLAC or APE.

Sorry to be such a pain in the arse :P
Have a good night

PS: I want my treat! NOW! ...jafsd3251qafj... You damn cat, get off my keyboard, Sorry...
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So I just tested the newest WindowBlinds release and I don't like it at all. The new UIS0 feature is nice (FYI its the default Aero engine with the ability to add textures and simple changing the color) but the rest is just not worth it, some apps I use on daily basis don't skin like they should be (Google Chrome, Firefox) the glass doesn't work and have very weird borders.
Under XP in combination with LS/BB, WB works great, the whole system was fast and it was really cool to work with it, but atm I think normal Windows 7 VS are much better.
I am little disappointed about WindowBlinds and its not worth the 20 bucks. Sorry Stardock you lost yourself a subscriber...

Take care and have a nice weekend
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Just finished listening to the latest Rammstein album, and its great. Equivocal and provocative as always, five stars ;)
My first CD ever was the second Rammstein album, I was fifteen and my parents thought I was kinda, well lets face it, disturbed =)

Do you've any recommendations for an album?

silent by spaceshiningXY Green eyed lady by PlastikStars Snowstorm in the City by MauricioMassami
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I don't know whats going on, but yesterday I could browse on this site without any problems. Sure I had some issues with the Google Chrome browser I use, but after an update, everything works great. Today I can't even check my messages, far less browse through galleries.

Anyone the same problems? The last time I had this issues, when I used the Opera browser, but even Opera works great now. Maybe the devart developers should test new functions before they set em loose :P

Now its working again, maybe it was just a temporary glitch, don't know :D

Have a nice weekend
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A little tip for all the Windows 7 + Wacom tablets user out there.
After I installed the Wacom Drivers, I got a huge "Show Desktop" button. (In Windows 7 its the new button on the right side of the superbar)
I thought it was a bug in one of the Visual styles I used, but after I did some research I found out it has something to to with a service, which Windows starts after the installation of the Wacom drivers. It's called "Tablet PC Input Service". I stopped it and the button went back to the normal size and I think its much better this way.

If you've the same "problem", this is how its done:
Press the start button and type "services.msc" in the search field. (Enter)
Stop the "Tablet PC Input Service" and set the start mode to "Disabled". (OK)

After that your "Show Desktop" button should resize to the normal state. And don't worry your Wacom will work as always.
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